why CTMI

CTMI - corporate tax management audit cost reduction recovery services in Forth Worth, Dallas, Texas
Providing expense management reduction service, recovery audit, property tax audit, sales tax audit, Forth Worth & Dallas Texas

CTMI has over a 95% success rate recovering operating expenses and taxes for our clients. 

Why we are in the business…

> Recovery opportunities are abundant.  No company is immune from overpayments and overcharges. Mistakes occur, exemptions and abatements are not always fully leveraged, and property values are not always fairly stated.  

> Companies need our help.  Everyone is being asked to do more with less in today’s business environment.  Companies can simply not afford to dedicate the required time and resources to perform comprehensive recovery efforts with uncertain results.

We enjoy what we do.  As a boutique firm, we are recovery specialists.  Our employees are long-tenured and credentialed professionals who absolutely enjoy recovering lost profits for our clients.  

Benefits to our clients…

  • High Return on Investment. The recovery of a lost profit goes straight to the bottom line.  CTMI deploys our resources to service you at our expense.  We are only paid after we recover savings aligning our interests with our clients.
  • Risk free engagement. CTMI requires only a minimal client resource commitment during our reviews.  Clients enjoy the benefit of having senior consulting specialists on each engagement.  Clients have everything to gain and nothing to lose by engaging CTMI.
  • Compliance and Administration. CTMI keeps our clients up to date regarding the ever-changing tax laws affecting their business.  We also provide our clients with peace of mind that all tax return and filing requirements are met.
  • Internal Process Improvements. Not only do we recover savings but we consult with clients to improve internal processes to ensure savings are secured for years to come.

Why is CTMI different?

1. Synergy of service offering – we find more money performing comprehensive reviews and analyses of transaction data and asset records. We uncover saving opportunities across multiple platforms. 

2. Practice management and industry expertise - each partner and director has extensive expertise in their respective practice areas. Consultant backgrounds include “Big 4” accounting firms and Fortune 500 accounting and tax management experience.

3. Experience/Expertise - we are efficient and require minimal time commitment from internal resources. Because we deploy only senior level talent, client involvement in audit activities is negligible.  By leveraging current technology and proprietary software, we can effectively complete projects in a timely and organized fashion.

4. We are accessible - we work closely with each client on every engagement and a CTMI consultant is just always a phone call away; project status updates and reporting – anytime.

5. We are an extension of your team - our professional and friendly consultants are actively involved on every engagement. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of personalized customer service.

6. We have a wide range of industry specific experience including Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Real Estate -  our industry expertise gives us an advantage and familiarity to find more money for our clients.

7. We guarantee our work - we believe so much in our ability to recover your lost profits that we invest our time and resources upfront on your behalf at no cost to our clients.  We are only paid after we have recovered funds for our clients. 

8. We are price competitive - in most of cases, we work on a contingency basis so there is no upfront cost to our client. We offer fee discounts to clients if they engage CTMI across multiple service offerings and consulting services.

9. We are in business because of our client relationships - our success is a direct result of our client relationships.  We value our relationships with our staff going above and beyond to satisfy and help our clients. 

10. We find more money!