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Lost Profits occur every time an overpayment occurs or when a tax credit, deduction or exemption is not fully leveraged. 

Today’s Accounting and Tax departments are often times thinly staffed leaving very little time and resources to devote to more specialized recovery and tax saving efforts.  CTMI’s services are expressly designed to complement your existing staff.  By deploying a refined recovery approach, our consultants analyze volumes of transaction data and asset records to ensure overpayments are recovered and property tax, sales tax and federal tax liabilities are minimized.

CTMI's practice offers a unique synergy of Expense Recovery and Tax Savings services enabling our clients to maximize their savings opportunities.

Our mission is to profitably impact our client’s bottom line by delivering effective expense recovery, tax savings and process improvement solutions that leverage superior market intelligence, proven methodologies, ethical business standards and professional level services

We invest our time and experienced consultant resources ranging from single to multi-service engagements.    We believe in our model so much so that we offer our services primarily on a contingency fee basis aligning our interest with our clients. 

There is no obligation to CTMI until we recover savings.

CTMI is a Dallas/Fort Worth-based boutique Expense Recovery and Tax Savings consulting firm, with a 25 year history serving a diverse and nationwide client base.

In October 2007, Corporate Tax Management Inc. merged with BoozerScott & Company to create a comprehensive and complementary consulting group (CTMI) that focuses on expense recovery and tax savings.
Prior to our merger, Corporate Tax Management provided property tax and sales tax services on a national basis since 1988.  BoozerScott & Company offered accounts payable audit and sales tax consulting services since 1992. 
Today CTMI comprises over 30 professionals who focus on a range of services that reduce taxes, recover losses, improve revenue and add future value.