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Take advantage of Federal Tax Incentive For Business Cost Savings and expense management




Federal Tax Saving incentives audit services for cost reduction
Federal Tax Incentive Service For the Most Deductions and Credits

CTMI ensures that our clients are maximizing their federal tax savings opportunities.  We perform comprehensive reviews of our client’s business to identify, quantify and fully leverage available deductions, credits and tax incentives: 

>Cost Segregation
>Repair and Maintenance Tax Review
>Research and Development Tax Credits
>Fixed Asset Depreciation Reviews
>Green Building Tax Incentives

What is Cost Segregation?

Cost Segregation is a strategic tax savings tool that allows companies and individuals to increase cash flow by accelerating depreciation deductions and deferring federal and state income taxes. A quality Cost Segregation Study evaluates all information including available records, inspections, and interviews, and presents the findings in a clear, well-documented format.

At CTMI, our team of engineers and tax experts work together with clients and their accountants to recommend the best tax planning solution to fit their needs.

Repair and Maintenance Reviews

The current IRS proposed regulations have broadened and clarified the definition of “repair and maintenance” costs.  Application of the existing law requires an in-depth understanding of the various tax cases and “tests” that must be met.  Thorough documentation is necessary to sustain audit and must show the application of existing law for each asset reclassified.

We deliver a comprehensive report that includes all required documentation, per IRS guidelines. CTMI’s thorough analysis ensures that all assets are accurately classified in order to optimize tax savings.

What is the Research and Development Credit?

The Research & Development Credit is a federal tax benefit designed to promote technological innovation in American companies. The Credit provides incentives to companies to invest in activities for the development of new and improved products, software, and manufacturing processes.

Our proven methodology ensures that your company takes full advantage of the R&D Credit, while complying with the current regulations.

Fixed Asset Studies

A Fixed Asset Review evaluates a company’s federal tax depreciation schedule over the last 20 years and assigns the appropriate tax lives to misclassified assets. Misclassifications are generally caused due to changes to case law, use of “book” lives for tax purposes, or the in-depth knowledge necessary to determine correct lives.

Our team will visit client locations to inspect assets, identify their use and function and review supporting documentation including purchase orders, invoice, and blueprints.

Green Building Tax Incentives - State, Local, Federal

Federal, state and local governments have created and extended over 2,000 financial incentive programs to reward energy efficiency and the use of alternative energy in the design, construction and improvement of buildings and homes. To redeem many of these incentives, a qualified third party expert is needed.

We have the required professional qualifications to certify and secure these lucrative tax and financial benefits. Our team can also assist in the design process of future projects by suggesting design alternatives that would ensure qualification for specific green building incentives.